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Fort St. John Cupping Treatment for Diagnostic & Therapeutic Methods

Cupping Treatments for Toxin Build Up & Muscle Spasm

John M. Bacso Muscle Therapy Inc. performs cupping treatments at our Fort St. John clinic. Cupping is an ancient suction technique designed to pull toxin build up and muscle spasm from the body’s deeper tissue to the skin’s surface. It has been used by healers and lay people in many cultures. The point of cupping is to unblock energy so that cell waste or carbon dioxide can be properly released. When you experience physical pain, this could imply blockage in the flow of energy through a certain area. Stagnation of toxins and cell waste in the muscles and joints make it harder for the body to get rid of that waste, causing more blockage and discomfort.

How Does Cupping Help Relieve Pain?

Cupping uses vacuum or suction to pull blockages out of deeper tissues and move it to the skin’s surface. When toxins are brought to the surface it becomes much easier to eliminate them from the body through the superficial blood supply or capillary system. In just ten minutes, the cupping treatment will pull the toxin build up out of the area as well as fresh blood, vitalizing and restoring the proper blood flow.


3 Things Cupping Treatments Tell Us

Cupping is diagnostic as well as therapeutic, and can tell us three basic things:


Where - Cupping tells us exactly where the problem resides. Under the treatment cups, the some of the skin will colour and some won’t despite the same amount of suction used. Even under one single cup, part of the skin may colour while the rest does not.


What - Cupping tells us what type of problem we are dealing with. Problems relating to toxin build up or muscle spasm causes the skin under the cup to colour. Issues involving the nerve or bone will not colour.


Severity – Cupping tells us the severity of the problem. Colouring of pink or red means the blockage is light or moderate and will take a day or two for the colour to go away. More severe stagnation or blockage will cause the skin to colour a deep scarlet, purple, or even black. This type of colouring will take seven to ten days to disperse.

Thanks to the information gleaned from cupping, it will give us an accurate diagnosis for finding the right treatment.

What Does Cupping Feel Like?

Many patients ask what cupping feels like. Cupping can be a bit painful for the first sixty seconds which is when most of the toxins are removed. It’s important that you relax during the process and acknowledge and tolerate the pain.

We encourage that you watch your breathing, inhaling and exhaling only through the nose and not the mouth. This will allow your breathing to slow and keep you from feeling dizzy or lightheaded. Discomfort from cupping eases in about sixty seconds. In some cases after the initial sixty seconds, patients may find themselves dozing off.

Book a Consultation

An extraordinary technique with quick results, cupping treatments may help shorten the healing process by weeks, even months.

If you are curious to learn more about cupping, contact John M. Bacso Muscle Therapy Inc. in Fort St. John and book a consultation.

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